Forecasting stock indices

Name Symbol Last Close Price Change
DAX 29.39 (30.05.2023) -0.51 %
Dow Jones Industrial Average
DJI 33042.8 (30.05.2023) -0.15 %
NDX 14354.8 (30.05.2023) 0.39 %
Russell 2000
RUT 1767.29 (30.05.2023) -0.31 %
SPX 4205.52 (30.05.2023) 0.00 %

History is cyclical, and the more history a stock index has, the more valuable it is for predicting the future market reaction to certain events based on its past behavior.

The history of stock indices is quite extensive, this allows you to analyze it and understand how certain events affect the market.

Our market forecasting model is based on an analysis of the historical market reactions to various events. The forecasts also use technical, fundamental analysis and news background.

An intelligent self-learning model analyzes all these factors and makes predictions: optimal, pessimistic and optimistic.

We are working to increase the number of currency pairs. Visit our website and check out new forecasts every day!

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